WordPress featured image size and Optimize for google rank

WordPress featured image size ?

An image that is featured on your blog can be a representation of an image of your blog post or web page that you have on your WordPress website. They are usually displayed in the upper right corner of your post and on the post archive page as well as the section for related posts. The featured image can also be seen when you share your post via social media.

The image that is featured is a way to draw the attention of your readers to your posts and explains the content of your blog posts.

Your current WordPress theme will also determine how featured images will appear on your website. Although they may appear different in themes with regards to the size and position, most WordPress themes include them.

What Is the Best WordPress Featured Image Size?

1200 pixels by 628 pixels

  • Thumbnail size: 150×150 pixels
  • Medium size: 300×300 pixels
  • Large size: 1024×1024 pixels

How to Optimize WordPress Featured Images for Search

Although a properly-designed feature image is a great way to draw readers, a properly optimized image will help drive some natural visitors (and users) by way of search engines.

When it is about optimizing your featured image, it’s much more than simply having an alt text.

We’ve provided a few guidelines that can be used to improve the quality of your featured images.

1. Use Unique Images

We suggest using real photos or creating custom images than using stock images that are generic.

2. Use SEO-Friendly ALT Text

What is the next step if an image won’t load on your website due to reasons? The alt text (also known as Alternate Text) is your alternative plan of action. It’s a good idea to include your keywords within the picture that you are featured on. This can help you rank your picture and other content higher on page of results for searches.

3. Create the Right File Name

After a trip and you’re writing a post for your blog about travel. Do you want to label your photos in the form of image1.jpg, image2.jpg, and others? Or would you instead name your images mentioning the locations in it, e.g., maldives-beaches.jpg? It is recommended to include keywords in your file names for your images.

4. Your Page Title and Description

Although this isn’t something you should do with your photos, having an appropriate page title and description that is relevant to keywords on your page can help to showcase your photos in Google Image search.

Furthermore there are some excellent techniques to adhere to.

WordPress Featured Image Best Practices

Here are a few more tips to consider in creating the perfect WordPress feature image.

Use High-Resolution Images

The image you choose to use as your featured image will be a representation of your brand across social media. It is important to select an image that is appealing for both the thumbnail image and within your blog post. If you’re choosing an image, or creating one, you should consider a high resolution image that can be scaled.

Be Consistent

If you are creating a custom-designed image, you can choose the option of including your logo and then brand it in line with your brand. Making sure you use the same style for your designs aids in branding and makes it easy to distinguish the people who visit your site.

Use Relevant Images

Did you know that the brain can process visual information more than text? (Source: Hubspot)

We are prone to glance at images first, before we consider the title of the post. The images you pick will not only draw users in, but they also convey the meaning of the webpage. Therefore, you should select a pertinent image. It should represent your site precisely. In the absence of this, you could have an increase in bounce rates.

Ensure You Have Legal Rights

Source images from websites like Unsplash, Pixaby, and other photo sites that are copyright-free? No problem at all! If you are not aware, be aware of licensing issues that could arise.

If you are sourcing images from Google be sure to look for images which are licensed by Creative Commons. You should only consider this option in the event that you do not intend to create your own custom images.

What’s Your WordPress Featured Image Size?

Featured images are feature of each WordPress website.

A well-designed images on your website can help make it look professional and goes far in establishing brand recognition. This is the same for an online store. Images can help you sell your goods.

A well-designed image that is featured can make your content or listing make an impression when you post on social platforms. This is sure to help you get more people to visit your site.

Incorporating a featured image on your blog posts and pages is a breeze. In addition, WordPress automatically resizes your images to ensure they are perfectly presented on the page whatever device is being used.

If you pay care it is possible to optimize your featured images, not just to draw interest of customers but also to boost the amount of organic traffic. This will result in more visitors to your site.

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