The link you followed has expired. WordPress

Solution-The link you followed has expired. WordPress

Do not worry it’s a normal issue that is very easy to resolve.

If you’re not able to configure your server’s PHP or configurations for memory usage, contact your hosting company to assist you. It is their job and takes just a minutes to accomplish.

When you’re in charge of a website you’ll encounter many issues that you’ll need to resolve. The most frequent issues is that  the link you’re following has expired. WordPress . This is why, in this article we’ll show you how to fix it.

What is the reason why this ” the link you’re following has expired ” error appear in WordPress?

The link you clicked on has been expired. This is a typical WordPress error that happens when:

  • Custom themes or plugins can be uploaded to the website via the admin panel
  • Your theme is not compatible with the PHP version.

This is usually the case when your maximum size for files or memory on your server isn’t properly configured. Let’s take a look.

How to Fix the “The link you followed has expired” in WordPress

There are a variety of solutions to this problem. In this article we’ll present you with different methods to resolve that “Link you followed has expired” error on WordPress:

  1. Modifying the themes functions.php file
  2. By using the .htaccess file
  3. Modifying the php.ini file
  4. Version PHP
  5. Hosting company

1.) Modifying the functions.PHP file.

By adding a few extra lines of information to your site’s functions.php file, you’ll be able increase the limit of execution and prevent this error. Let’s look at how you can modify in your functions.php file to enhance the size of the upload_max_size size, post_max_size as well as the maximum_execution_time.

  • max_uploads Maximum size of the file you are allowed to upload
  • post_max_size defines the maximum size for all information in a post, comprising text, images and so on.
  • max_execution_time This is the maximal time that a program can be run before it’s stopped even if it’s still not complete

To accomplish this you have two options:

  • Utilizing The WordPress theme editor
  • By using an application plugin

Let’s look more closely at each of the methods.

1.1) Change the functions.php file through Theme Editor

Start by opening your WordPress administrator dashboard and then go to 

Theme Editor > Appearance..

After that, copy the code from below to increase the upload_max_size, post_max_size, and max_execution_time.

Final Recommendations

Keep The Values Low As Possible

Make changes only when you’re required to. For example, if need to upload a file which is larger that the maximum limit then you’ll need to increase the limit. But, you might decide to return it to previous levels after the fact.

WordPress is one of the largest and most well-known CMS that has more than 30000 websites are hacked each day. Maintaining these numbers high is risky as hackers could quickly upload files in any size, execute them, and then take control of your site. Additionally the time it takes to execute can affect your site’s performance and usage of bandwidth. So to protect your website from hackers and keep it performance-optimized, you should keep a low PHP execution time.

Modify the Child Theme, Not the Parent

As stated above it is not recommended to modify your theme’s parent theme. It is better to modify your child theme. This is because, if you modify the parent theme each update the existing files will be overridden , meaning you’ll lose all your personalizations. If you are using a child theme the updates to the parent theme do not affect your changes.

If you’re not sure how to make an appropriate child theme, take an eye on this step-by step guide.

Make Sure You Have a Backup

The fix for fixing the “Link you followed has expired” error requires editing your theme’s file structure, WordPress core files, or making adjustments in you PHP versions. To protect your data you must make a complete backup of your website and save it in a secure storage location (not in your hosting server) in case anything occurs, you will be able to recover your website.


In the end If you upload huge files using the admin panel, and your theme isn’t compatible and compatible with PHP version of the theme, then you might have problems.

In this tutorial we’ve provided a variety of ways to solve this “Link you followed has expired” error message in WordPress:

  • With the functions.php file
  • Via .htaccess file
  • Making edits to the PHP.ini file
  • The update of the PHP version
  • Inquiring about your host company

These methods are all simple and simple to follow, even for new to the field. If you’re not looking to utilize any third-party software to edit the functions.php file using the theme Editor or using Code Snippets. If you do not want to add additional code to your website use your own .htaccess method.

In addition alternatively, it is possible to use php.ini procedure is easy to use and speedy, however when you’re having compatibility issues with PHP as a whole, it’s best to update to the most current PHP version for the greatest performance.

If you aren’t at ease with any of these options, you can contact your hosting provider for assistance and request them to correct it for you.

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Which method did you choose to resolve the problem with the expired link? Are you aware of an alternative? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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