Facebook Verify | Blue badge [SOLVED] How to Get Verified on Facebook

Get Verified On Facebook

Everything You Need To Know To Get Verified On Facebook

The blue badge of Facebook’s verification signifies:

“Facebook has confirmed that the Page or profile is the authentic presence of the public figure or brand it represents.”

Two things happen:

  • It instantly gives your brand credibility as people look at this badge in blue as an official mark of acceptance from Facebook affirming that the brand is genuine.
  • If you are a victim of a lot of fraudsters trying to impersonate your company The blue badge is an immediate signal to users that the page you have created is the authentic page.

How do you become verified on Facebook?

Today, we’re discussing how to earn that blue badge from Facebook.

Facebook Verification Badges

In the beginning, let’s talk quick about badges for Facebook.

We’ve just defined this blue verifiable badge however some of you may be wondering about the gray verification badge.

Do you all remember this?

There was a gray badge, which was higher-quality that the blue badge and if a company was wearing this badge…

…it signified that the company was verified as genuine it was verified by Facebook using an application that they’d filled out prior.

However, Facebook has eliminated the gray badge a couple of years in the past.

We’re left with the blue badge of verification.

Facebook Verification Requirements

Before we dive into the process of proving it, let’s look at the criteria you have to satisfy to be considered eligible for it.

Your website must satisfy these five criteria:

1. You must abide by the Facebook’s Terms of Service and Community Standards.

It is also required to include a profile picture or cover photo as well as an Page name that is in line with the guidelines of the site.

2. Your website must be authentic, which means it should represent a genuine individual, registered business or a legal entity.

3. Your page should be fully functional which means it has to be visible to the public. It must also have an avatar, bio and at minimum one post.

Your profile shouldn’t include “add me” links to other social media platforms.

4. Your site should be unique, which means it has to be the sole identity of the company it represents.

In general, only an account for each entity can be validated, with the exception of accounts for accounts with specific languages.

They also said that they don’t validate account with general-interest (ex the puppies memes).

5. Your website must be distinctive in that it has to be a well-known, extensively searched for brand, individual or business.

They evaluate accounts mentioned in multiple news outlets and don’t look at the content that is paid for or promoted as sources to review.

Here are a few other points to be aware of which aren’t required however they are essential to keep in mind:

1. If you submit inaccurate or incorrect information in your verification procedure…

…Facebook has announced that they will take away your badge that you have verified and decide to take further action to remove your account.

Don’t do it!

2. If your account is for an individual that you know, you’ll need a photocopy of your government-issued photo ID to confirm your request.

Examples of this are the driver’s license, passport or a national identification card.

3. If your account is for an organization, you’ll require an original copy of one of the following:

  • an electric or telephone bill,
  • an official certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation,
  • or tax exemption documents.

4. Even even if you’re Instagram accounts is verified, and linked with your page on Facebook…

…that isn’t a guarantee that Facebook will automatically accept you Facebook confirmation application.

5. You’ll be able to add a few words in your explanation of the reason why the account should be granted the badge that is verified.

Additionally, you’ll be able to connect relevant URLs to can help demonstrate the importance of the account and worth, so make use of it!

How To Get Verified On Facebook: The Application Process


On that note Let’s begin the process of applying and discuss how to be verified through Facebook.

If you happen to land on this Facebook for Business page, you can scroll down until it states “Apply for a Facebook verification badge.”

From there, it will link onto the contact form!

You’ll need to be signed in to Facebook at the time you visit this page, so you can select the profile or profile you’d like to verify.

You’ll then need to pick from their array of prompts and dropdowns choosing the options which make sense for your company.

At the bottom there are several open-ended questions which include the option of sending five links to show that the public that your Page and profile are of public’s interest.

We can for instance put:

  • A link to our segment on The Profit on CNBC. The Profit,
  • A link to our company profile that shows we were on an appearance on the “2020 Inc. 500’s list of the most rapidly growing companies in the world.
  • A link to our report on Cheddar,
  • as well as a handful of articles that we’ve been featured in, such as Forbes.

When you click submit, you will be on this page.

The application basically converts your submission into an “Support conversation” in case you’d like to send something other than what they’ll say.

What To Do If You Can’t Get Verified On Facebook

If they don’t accept your application, you are able to apply again within the next 30 days.

For now, here are some helpful tips Facebook provides about how to do.

  • Make use of the description on your Page or your account’s bio to inform users about who you are.
  • Use stories to give you insight into your own life.
  • Invite your friends to follow you on Twitter so that they can view you engaging with other people.
  • Connect to your profile on the official site, Instagram Page, YouTube or Twitter account.

Another thing they do not talk about in the media is the importance of followers or, in this instance, Page Likes.

Your account on Facebook’s follower list is, as we believe, in the way Facebook considers your credibility and public image.

We consider it beneficial to have a couple.

The best thing to do is go to the Facebook Ads Manager and make a special campaign to increase the number of Facebook page’s likes.

Click Engagement, then scroll down until you reach Likes on the page.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll be able to follow the steps you’d normally take to set up your advertising campaign, including the ads set and levels.

What exactly does it mean to choose the page that is a fan of?

This means that when choose your group, Facebook will specifically show your advertisement to those who are part of that specific target group…

…who are most likely to be fans of your profile, based on the information Facebook has learned regarding them as well as their behaviour patterns.

This is why Facebook pages that are similar to Facebook’s campaigns work so well.

When you hear people discussing “paying for page likes” you imagine people buying fake followers or bots in the thousands.

This is this is not what we’re trying to convey here.

The Facebook page likes campaign is a highly effective and highly recommended method to increase your page’s likes.

As an example we generated 28641 Facebook Page likes to our client via Facebook’s page like campaign.

The cost per like was $0.14 however certain advertisements were driving page likes at a less expensive cost than the average.

And the likes come from a particular, targeted group you chose It’s still their choice to click “like” to follow you on your website.

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