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A brand new Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio is about to been introduced to the market that is powered by Docker along with additional features such as self-healing, auto scaling and platform as a service We’ll discuss these topics within this post.

Convesio claims to offer an efficient, secure cloud as well as a managed WordPress hosting infrastructure that can be used to automatically scale your WordPress website.

Are you still interested in knowing to know more about Convesio?

Convesio – Is it a Game Change for Managed WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is the very first self-healing, automatic platform as a service to build and manage WordPress websites. Convesio is a brand new WordPress management system that uses pow Docker.

You might be interested in what Docker actually is? The Docker host is physical computer system, or virtual machine operating Linux. It could include your computer, server, virtual machine within your data center or a computing resource offered by a cloud service provider. The host’s component that is responsible for creating and operating containers is called the Docker Daemon.

Behind Convesio – The Team

Tom Fanelli, an experienced marketing and product development professional with a number of small-scale startups as well as Fortune five hundred companies founded Convesio in the year 2018. Tom’s luck was good enough for organizations such as Microsoft, Intuit and Sage Software to offer the wife with four kids in the Bay region in San Francisco. In short, Tom brings a lot of WordPress expertise.

But Why Convesio?

The company is described by the company as “The first self-healing, auto-scaling, platform as a service to build and run WordPress websites,” Convesio is determined to be different than other WordPress hosting companies.

WordPress managed businesses generally don’t control all of the methods customers’ sites are managed. It is likely that you will talk about the degree to which your network offers content and also state that it has DDoS security. However, the hosting of WordPress websites is not the only thing that will show up.

It’s true that most well-managed WordPress hosting businesses utilize shared hosting plans as well as more advanced clients that run on virtual private servers in order to put their clients on a level access (VPS). The majority of customers don’t realize this, as they only access the dashboard for the customer and nothing else.

The cheapest type of website hosting is called shared hosting. These types of configurations are typically distributed to new owners of websites who don’t have a lot of money to invest.

The server hosts hundreds, if not thousands, of websites within an environment of shared hosting. The identical amount of CPUs, RAMs, as well as other tools are accessible for all sites. This can cause numerous problems.

If, for instance an increase in traffic is being attacked or hacked on one of the thousands or hundreds of sites on the server, the server may be down. It happens more often than the hosting company can admit about it. This is what happens.

Better are Virtual Private Servers. In the VPS hosting system the server is divided into various parts and a specific amount of resources is allocated to each client. The risks of your website not being available when you use the context of a VPS configuration are less than any issues users typically encounter within their particular partition.

Failure of the hardware is the main threat to an VPS configuration.

Each of the VPS hosting packages are located on one server. If the server is unavailable then all websites hosted by customers on that server are likely to be affected.

This is the reason why Convesio has chosen to remove the one failing point and create its hosts using Docker containers.

Server failure is the biggest issue. A hardware issue could result in all your customers to be offline when all your customers are on one server.

It will also cause unhappy customers to voice their grievances and request you to resolve the issue.

In this scenario the client may be required to pay the client back. It is possible to lose the client in a more dire situation. Convesio uses containers to solve the issue.

Both the containers and the virtual private servers utilize technology for virtualization to help set everything up and make sure that every one of the WordPress websites are segregated from other websites.

The advantage of using the container instead of a VPS lies in the fact that Convesio is able to quickly create new containers using an up-to-date website.

Containers can be distributed over multiple servers (i.e. several computers). This is not just to control the load, but also ensure that there is no failure.

Each Convesio WordPress website includes at minimum nine containers. These can be upgraded or decreased instantly according to the traffic level in all times.

  • 1+ WordPress PHP Runtime Containers
  • 3 Nodes of File Replication
  • 3 Load Balancer Containers
  • 5 Percona Database Containers

Managed WordPress hosting Managed WordPress hosting is a relatively recent phantom in the business of hosting websites however, over the past five years it has accumulated massive market share after replacing many of WordPress owners their administrative and technical tasks.

I realize, therefore, it is one of the main reasons that many WordPress users migrate to managed hosting platforms is the fact that they can work using the latest technology to keep their website optimized.

However, I believe that everyone WordPress users are accountable to acquire a basic knowledge of the infrastructure utilized by hosting providers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the platform they work.

Features Available in Convesio

Convesio was designed to make your life easier by utilizing the vast majority of its functions.

The primary features Convesio promises to offer its clients are as follows,

  • Provisioning a New Site
  • Create a primary Domain and SSL
  • Site Back up Options
  • DB, PHP, FTP and many more
  • Caching without the need for any plugin
  • DB Access with phpMyAdmin

Let’s do each step by step.

In less than 30 seconds, new websites can be up and running. It is not necessary to think about load balancers or containers in clusters. The background is where all of the technology is handled.

Backups can be made daily, every 180 days and let’s Encrypt supported SSL certificates are able to be activated by pressing the button.

Convesio also comes with an internal caching mechanism that is part of their services, so it is not necessary to install a WordPress caching plugin isn’t required.

Since cached pages provide users with static pages. It will also make sure that loading times for pages are significantly more efficient than dynamic pages that all require downloading every time the page loads.

At present, Convesio has no WordPress multi-site capability. I’m hoping they’ll add this in the near future.

Each 60 second, the up-time monitoring monitors your website and warns you when it’s down.

To back this up, Convesio has a guarantee of 100% delivery on site.

If the analysis of your website’s the website’s uptime indicates that it is down, they will fix the problem sooner and not later.

This warranty addresses the most common problems.

  • Domain names and DNS issues
  • Hacking and malware
  • Code errors
  • DDoS attacks
  • Updates to themes and plugins
  • Issues with SSL and website secrecy
  • Cloudflare configurations

Convesio’s container servers are hosted on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services However, they also plan to work with other providers such as Digital Ocean in the future.

They are located throughout North America, the UK and Australia. In 2020, more locations are expected to be included.

Check out for yourself on the Convesio FAQ Page for more details. FAQs

Let’s try the Beta Version Convesio

Tom has made an instructional video that demonstrates how your website can be featured on their website.

It shows the hosting control panel of Convesio.

The customized implementations provided from PHP, Percona and GlusterFS are utilized instead of cPanel.

After logging into the primary interface you will need to build your very first website.

You can choose which version and the location of PHP to get the latest version for WordPress (USA, UK or Australia).

After that, Convesio creates a fresh WordPress instance for you.

Your new website through your primary Control Panel (and any additional ones you design).

You can find the versions that PHP and WordPress employed and the DB type, and the process of activating backups as well as an SSL certificate here.

There are the links on the right of the page. These links will take you to an overview of the Dashboard for your site login into the Admin Area within WordPress and browse your site.

At present, your instance of WordPress appears to not have been changed to.

After you’ve added additional WordPress installations, the WordPress interface gets a little more busy.

A lot of information is displayed on the overview page. How long is your site as well as the average number of requests, speed score as well as error codes are available.

It is also possible to determine the availability of backups, caching as well as an SSL certificate are accessible immediately.

It’s obvious that I don’t have many details since I have a private website however, once your site is up and running, you’ll find lots of important facts and details on the overview page.

Under the domain tab, you can assign a name for the domain you own to your WordPress instance. Simply copy the addresses you have provided to your domain provider, and alter the DNS server for your domain (DNS).

You can alter SSL and other security settings from the Security section.

To protect your website’s firewall access rules could also be set.

Malware is also scanned.

You’ll receive a report after the scan that reveals the affected files.

Also, warnings will be displayed.

When I first opened a backup site I noticed that backups were not available and I needed to create them.

I like Convesio’s approach to managing backups because they let you set multiple backup plans.

For example an everyday backup, a quarterly backup or a monthly backups could be offered. You can also select the timeframe for backups.

You can categorize backups and see information like the total amount of articles and comment numbers, the file numbers, WordPress version, and more, when you look at your website’s snapshot. Backups

You can modify you SFTP (file upload) as well as or your PHP configurations (PHP.INI) along with cache settings in the settings section.

You can define rules that block directories and files from being cached when the cache is activated. The cache is able to be deleted also.

The settings for the database section can be able to access PHPMyAdmin.

I haven’t yet used Convesio to host my website however, the control panel was very happy.

The illustrations of the page’s summary are helpful and simple to look through.

Naturally, with the cPanel hosting plan you will not have the same variety of options however Convesio is managed WordPress hosting service.

This means you can manage much of the technical aspect of things. You may also reach out to Support directly in case there is any specific function or choice.

What are the Pricing Details of Convesio

Convesio’s pricing model is highly competitive.

Incredibly, you can sign up for free and use an environment to develop, test and design a website.

This plan clearly isn’t designed for a live web site However, it has given the 512MB container one virtual CPU and one PHP worker. 5GB of storage and backups.

Their monthly minimum entry fee of $15 is similar, but is designed to handle the up to 10,000 people who visit each month.

It’s equally load-balanced and has four PHP employees.

The $25 monthly plan is designed for websites that are traffic-informed receiving more than 25,000 visits per month.

It also adds one GB memory. It also includes 2 virtual CPUs and eight PHP and 10GB of storage.

To accommodate more complicated websites, such as online stores, that require additional resources, the monthly $50 plan was created.

It also adds 2GB of storagespace, four virtual CPUs as well as the capacity of 16 PHP employees.

If you’re interested in determining what the costs of hosting multiple containers Convesio has a calculator for prices.

This is crucial when you own multiple websites and would like to find out the amount that all websites are going to cost you to Convesio.

Convesio – Final Words

Consider a moment to reflect about the key advantages of a managed hosting service, including day-to-day site backings, site configuration, and enhanced security.

All of these features are present to make sure that your website is more likely to not go down, and your company will be able to quickly bring it back online.

With their acceptance of containers, the Convesio take this idea another step. The chances for your website to shut down because of a hardware issue are extremely low with not a single glitch.

I’m sure that in the near future more hosting companies will adopt this technology, so that the risk of off-line clients’ websites is minimized.

Be aware that Convesio is an WordPress managed hosting company. This means that you receive services like regular backups for your site, uptime monitoring along with premium service support to WordPress.

In 2021, WordPress website setting up and other key functions of WordPress management will be available.

To learn more about their offerings I suggest you go to Convesio. They also have some great videos available on YouTube that provide information on the subject matter.

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